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Thryve is texting for churches. Made easy.

Share info, boost prayer requests, never miss a message and connect with your people on Sundays and every day in between.
Why Texting?
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The world's most recognizable ministries use Thryve to engage with their people

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Simple, human, two way church texting service.

Thryve was built to work for you. Spend more time connecting and less time managing software.
more relationships

Not just for text blasts. Say hello to real two-way conversation.

Thryve’s not just for broadcasts. Your people can save your number and actually text back, just like they do with friends and family. Desktop and mobile apps mean you’ll never miss a chance to respond and build deeper relationships.

Have two-way texting conversations with your people.
Create a series of messages to send to your people. Specify the date and time each message should be sent.
More Engagement

Create personalized and timely series that drive engagement.

From devotionals to first time guest experiences, people can opt into dynamic journeys that deliver the right message at the right time and keep them connected. Set it and forget it with pre-built templates, segments and groups based on how people interact.

More Human

Let people text with you like humans.

People aren’t robots, so don’t make them text like one. Thryve’s Smart Texting features for the most common questions, prayer requests and sharing stories ensure people get what they need, no matter how they text.

Thryve's smart texting features can detect message content and correctly categorize it into a prayer request, story, or message.
Thryve's easy-to-use interface makes responding, assigning, and track conversations with your congregation.
More Prayer Requests

Get and respond to more prayer requests and stories of life change

Make it easy for people to request prayer, share stories and feel known. Assign requests to your team, track follow ups, and text back to get into conversations with your congregation, new visitors and the community.


Church texting that works with the tools you already use.

You invest a lot in technology for your church and we don’t want to disrupt what you’re doing. We’re working everyday to make it easy for Thryve to work with the tech you already use.

Thryve integrates with MailChimp, Planning Center, Church Community Builder, Rock RMS, and more.

Churches and Ministries are Talking

This is a game changer! You guys have an incredible product that is doing incredible work to not only help engage students but to develop a discipleship process that will lead them to the call that God has on their lives.

Mississippi Youth & Children

We had 240 in attendance and 43% opted into the Easter devotional, 100% of them completed it, and 53 people invited someone to Easter Sunday. The biggest value add is Thryve's templates. Take my money!

Pure Heart Church

Of 2,000 in attendance, 1,577 opted into a devotional. The congregants' feedback speaks for itself like "Thank you Bridgeway for sharing Scripture reading and this devotional with us!" and "Thank You for this devotional!  It has been AMAZING!!!

Bridgeway Church

I am so thankful for the people behind Thryve. I feel like I have a personal coach cheering me on as I incorporate Thryve into my church culture. Anytime I have had a question, I have received a friendly and timely response. I feel like they really want my church to succeed!

Genesis Church

Texting is the future of church communications and engagement. We’ve only just begun to realize its impact! Thryve is easy to use and gives us the tools and support we need.

Rockpoint Church

At Life, our vision is that all may know Christ and make Him known. Thryve has helped us reach more people with the message of the Gospel and made a way to let our people know they are being prayed for.

Life Church

Build more life-changing relationships

Ready to text like a human, share info, connect with more people?

Build more life-changing relationships

Ready to text like a human, share info, and connect with more people?