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We believe churches should have access to powerful technology

The message of the church needs to get out. We are passionate about making that accessible and easy for both churches and their congregants.

Our Story

After being a part of numerous churches for 20+ years, we wanted to help other people get connected in the same way. From paper bulletins to emailing for information, getting connected with a church had a pretty high barrier to entry. Seeing this gap, and believing that when people are known, connected, and involved in their local church they thrive, we created a product to communicate and engage with your church in a meaningful and effective way.

Thryve is the culmination of years of working in the technology industry and seeing a lower amount of time and energy being spent on serving the church. As committed churchgoers ourselves, we saw a need for churches to have the same access to world-class software that other enterprises get. Thryve is first and foremost built to serve churches.

We built our smart, church-specific text messaging solution using the latest in A.I. and machine learning to be able to automatically understand what a churchgoer is saying. Gone are the days of just blasting a message into a void and hoping it is getting read, we allow for hyper specific targeting, two-way communication, and information that actually leads to actionable steps.

At Thryve, we fundamentally believe that when people are connected to their local church in a meaningful way, that is when they thrive. Our heart at Thryve has been to partner with churches around the world to equip them with a communication tool that leads to actual engagement. If we aren’t seeing more people tithing, signing up for community groups, subscribing to devotionals, and submitting prayer requests, then we aren’t doing our job.

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