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Mississippi Youth & Children uses Thryve to drive transformation in the lives of young people at their annual event

“You guys have an incredible product that is doing incredible work to not only help engage students but to develop a discipleship process that will lead them to the call that God has on their lives.”

Matt Taylor
Executive Director

In March 2021, Mississippi Youth & Children held their annual Youth Convention where 200 students from around the state attended in-person to worship together and learn about Christ in their lives. Here is the impact that Thryve helped facilitate for this ministry:

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Mississippi Youth & Children

This is a game changer! You guys have an incredible product that is doing incredible work to not only help engage students but to develop a discipleship process that will lead them to the call that God has on their lives.

Pure Heart Church

We had 240 in attendance and 43% opted into the Easter devotional, 100% of them completed it, and 53 people invited someone to Easter Sunday. The biggest value add is Thryve's templates. Take my money!

Bridgeway Church

Of 2,000 in attendance, 1,577 opted into a devotional. The congregants' feedback speaks for itself like "Thank you Bridgeway for sharing Scripture reading and this devotional with us!" and "Thank You for this devotional!  It has been AMAZING!!!"

Genesis Church

I am so thankful for the people behind Thryve. I feel like I have a personal coach cheering me on as I incorporate Thryve into my church culture. Anytime I have had a question, I have received a friendly and timely response. I feel like they really want my church to succeed!

Rockpoint Church

Texting is the future of church communications and engagement. We’ve only just begun to realize its impact! Thryve is easy to use and gives us the tools and support we need.

Life Church

At Life, our vision is that all may know Christ and make Him known. Thryve has helped us reach more people with the message of the Gospel and made a way to let our people know they are being prayed for.

It all starts with a plan

All of these stories of success are in thanks to a combination of divine intervention and good planning. Our team helps you with the good planning part.


Get others involved and share access with your team.

Thryve is easy to use for anyone on your team. Simply invite people via email and assign them specific permissions to access prayer requests, stories, and more.


Design it to work just for your ministry.

Thryve gives you the tools to create wonderful experiences for your congregants. Don't get locked into the standard way of doing things. Thryve let's you get creative.

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Know exactly what your congregants will experience.

Our text simulator is a great way to see what your congregations’ experience will look like. You can test out any of the keywords, automations, and devotionals you’ve set up.

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Roll it out to your people in a matter of seconds.

There is no app to download or account to create. Your congregants only need to text your unique phone number with anything. Even a simple "hello" will work.

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Never pay for what you don't get around to using.

Powerful technology shouldn't be out of reach for ministries. Thryve is priced to grow with you so you are only paying for people you engage with.

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