Prayer Request Software

Get more prayer requests than ever before, then close the feedback loop. Tools that keep you and your ministry team organized and responsive, let you meet people in their moment of need, and build more life changing relationships.
Receive prayer requests and let people know when they've been prayed for.

The Easiest Way to Get and Respond to More Prayer Requests. Anywhere, Anytime.

Sort and filter

Thryve’s natural language processing means that it detects when someone submits a prayer request and sorts it to your prayer request tab. You can filter by status, newest to oldest, and assignee.

Prayer requests you receive automatically go into your prayer request tab where you can use filters to sort them and mark them as prayed for or assign them to other team members.
See your prayer requests and their status at a glance.

Get your whole team involved

Thryve enables you to assign requests to team members, track their progress, and respond in the moment.

Encourage two-way communication

Use mobile and desktop applications to respond to requests, add notes of encouragement, or ask a follow-up question. The easiest way to minister to your people is to meet them in their time of need.

The mobile app allows for easy, quick communication so you can have real-time conversations with your people.

Build more life-changing relationships

Ready to text like a human, share info, and connect with more people?