Thryve Series

Create a sequence of perfectly timed messages with content that keeps people connected, engaged and growing.
Easily create a sequence of messages to go out at the perfect time.

Keep your people engaged on Sunday, and everyday in between.

Effortlessly delivered to the right people at the right time

You can program your series to trigger on command to individuals and groups or set up keywords that let people opt-in. Set series to send on a rolling or fixed basis so people receive the content that’s most relevant to them.

Easily customize your series settings and choose the keywords that allow people to opt-in.
Use Thryve's editable, pre-made series templates.

We’ve got you covered with playbooks and templates

Thryve is packed with tons of done-for-you series. Just select the one that fits your ministry objectives, make any small changes you need to and click send.

Build more life-changing relationships

Ready to text like a human, share info, and connect with more people?