Text Powered Survey Tool

High open and response rates mean that text based surveys give you more feedback from more people so you can know your people and be the leader they need now.
Create and send custom surveys so you can learn more about your people and the topics that matter most to them.

Get more survey participation than ever before.

Get the information you need to lead

Create questions to collect numeric and open ended responses in the easy to use editor. Then use the Texting Simulator to test your survey before you publish.

Create custom surveys to send to your people.
Select the date and time you want to deploy your survey.

Send surveys at the perfect time

Get the information you need when you need it. Surveys can be opt-in and keyword triggered or scheduled to go to groups at a predetermined date and time.

Analyze results and go deep

Get real time information at a glance and see reports as they come in. Then export as a CSV to get even deeper insights.

Export data and analyze your survey results.

Build more life-changing relationships

Ready to text like a human, share info, and connect with more people?